Vehicle Protection


Due to the climate in Shetland the underside of your vehicle can become corroded. The high salt content of the air causes the exposed metal to rust and weaken. At Leask Motors we offer an oil based spray on coating called Underseal that protects your car against corrosion which will improve its long term condition and future value (New cars only).

Gen-3 Glasscoat

Here at Leask Motors we believe in the importance of quality aftercare for your vehicle so we offer a professional aftercare service that will help your car look newer for longer, both inside and out (New cars only). The service contains:

-A liquid glass paint sealant that protects your paintwork from the effects of car washes, solvents, animal matter and all kinds of environmental pollutants while also repelling liquid and ensuring that dirt and grime are easily removable.

-A fabric protector to guard your upholstery from stains and spills.

-A quality assurance certificate guaranteeing a professional application of the products listed to the correct fitting procedures supplied by the manufacturer.


The products we use are supplied by Gen-3 Glasscoat and are of the highest standard.

For more information on the products visit their website.

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